Frequently Asked Questions

What Services does Harmony United Psychiatric Care Offer?

Harmony United Psychiatric Care is part of Harmony United Healthcare and Research, P.A. We are a full-service psychiatry practice, dedicated and experienced in working with individuals with mental  health, substance abuse, and other cognitive disabilities. We see all generations, including children age 5 years and above.
Services We Offer:

  •  Psychiatric Evaluation
  •  Medication Management
  •  Psychotherapy & Counseling
  •  Neuropsychological Testing
  • Treatment for Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD)
  • Telepsychiatry

What is TMS Therapy?

TMS uses a magnetic field to stimulate nerve cells in the brain which reduces depression.TMS can treat depression without having to take any medication.


  •  No Long-term Side Effects
  • Covered by Most Insurances
  •  Non-Invasive Treatment
  •  Drug-free
  •  FDA Approved

How Do I Refer a Client/Individual Who I Think is Suffering from Mental Illness?

To refer a client/individual call us at (352) 431-3940 or Email Us at

What Conditions are Treated at Harmony United Psychiatric Care?

Harmony United Psychiatric Care offers services to treat various mental health conditions such as:

  •  Depressive Disorders
  •  Anxiety Disorders
  •  Bipolar Disorders
  •  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  •  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  •  Schizophrenia
  • Pre-Surgical Evaluations
  •  Memory Problems
  •  Adjustment Disorder
  •  Suicidal Thoughts
  •  Emotional Problems
  •  Eating Disorders
  •  Substance Abuse & More

What Counseling Services does Harmony United Psychiatric Care Offer?

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  •  Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling
  •  Couples / Marriage Counseling
  •  Family Psychotherapy
  •  Grief Counseling
  •  Trauma Psychotherapy

Who are the Providers at Harmony United Psychiatric Care?

Harmony United Psychiatric Care has a team of passionate, caring, and highly skilled providers who offer services in treating various mental health conditions. Please view a list of providers associated with Harmony United Psychiatric Care here:

Where is Harmony United Psychiatric Care Located?

To know our address, hours of operation, and contact information, click here:

Can I Book an Appointment Online?

Yes, you can book an appointment online, visit:

Can I Make a Payment Online?

Yes, you can make a payment online, visit:

What are our Office Policies?

Harmony United Psychiatric Care, like other mental health clinics, has a set of standard office policies that protects our patient information and helps us to serve our patients in a better way. Our office policies can be read online at our ‘For-Clients” page:

What Insurances does Harmony United Psychiatric Care Accept?

We accept most insurances; check the insurances we accept here:

Can Providers Call Me If I Request a Provider Call-Back?

Yes, we can arrange a provider to call you back if you’d like to talk to the provider directly. However, provider call-backs are associated with a fee. Please read our office policies on our “For-Clients” page for more information:

How Do I Contact Harmony United Psychiatric Care?

Contacting us is easy. You can reach us by phone at (352) 431-3940 or Email Us at or Fax Us at (352) 431-3173

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