Does Uncertainty Cause You Anxiety? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help

These days, many of us are dealing with anxiety, and for good reason. The pandemic … job loss … kids schooling at home … election chaos. There’s a lot to be anxious about. The question is: how can you best deal with it all?


7 Tips to Overcome and Avoid Depression Due to a Job Loss

During these difficult times when the Covid-19 pandemic is resulting in layoffs by businesses large and small, many of us are facing sudden job losses. Loss of a job, especially involuntarily, is a common cause of depression. However, there are strategies you can take to regain your mental health. Here are some tips for overcoming the initial depression of a job loss and moving forward in a constructive manner.


What is Telepsychiatry, and Can It Help Me?

In this pandemic age, uncertainty and isolation are taking their toll. Everyone is wondering how to cope. And yes, the rumors are true. The pandemic has led to increased rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues.

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