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1. How do I become a Telepsychiatry Client?

Becoming a Telepsychiatry client is quite simple. Please contact our Customer Service Center at or call us at 352-431-3940 to sign up for your telepsychiatry visit. If you are currently a Client and have not signed a “Consent for Telehealth” form you can find it on our website under the “For Clients” tab. Then, click on the “New Patient Paperwork” button.  Please complete this form online so we may set up your Telepsychiatry visit.

When you sign up as a new patient for Harmony United Psychiatric Care, your New Patient Paperwork package includes an authorization to be a Telepsychiatry patient. You will need to sign the Consent for Telehealth form to become a telepsychiatry Client. If you choose to not sign the form, you cannot be a Telepsychiatry Client. However, you can change this at any time by signing the form.

As Telepsychiatry services are provided through your cell phone or computer, we will use your cell phone number and your email address.

2. What do I need to participate in the Telepsychiatry call?

Our Customer Service Center will contact you to set up your Telepsychiatry appointment and to check your cell phone or computer to assure it is capable of utilizingTelepsychiatry services. If your computer does not have a video camera, then we will test your cell phone. 

If you want to use your Computer/Laptops/Tablets

To use your computer/laptops/tablets, you will need internet access.  Also, your computer will need a video camera. Some computers do NOT have a camera and we can help you check for this device. 

If you want to use your Cell Phone

Your cell phone will get a text message from “74121” with the link for the cell phone test. Your cell phone must have video capability. A sample text message you will receive on your cell phone is included on the next page. The Cell Phone Link will then test your phone so you will be ready with the video and audio tested.

3. How do I get on the Telepsychiatry call with my Provider?

Approximately 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, you will receive an email and a text message. The message will contain a Call Link.  Click on the Call Link 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Once you connect, your Provider will receive a message letting them know that you are waiting.

Below are sample messages:




4. What should I do if I cannot connect to the call? 

If you are not able to or do not connect to the call, your Provider will contact you within a few minutes after your scheduled appointment time to help you to connect to the call. If your provider cannot reach you, we will conclude that you have missed the Telepsychiatry appointment.

5. What should I do if I cannot make my scheduled Telepsychiatry appointment?

Please keep in mind that a Telepsychiatry call is the same as an office visit. If you cannot make your appointed time, please call us as soon as possible. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible. However, if you do need to miss your Telepsychiatry call, please email our Customer Service Center at or at 352-431-3940 to reschedule your appointment. 

Also, please remember that you will be charged a Missed Appointment Fee if you do not call us at least twenty-four hours prior to needing to cancel your appointment.

6. How can I make payments for my services (co-payments, deductibles, self-pay fees, etc)?

We will send you an invoice for your co-pay for your Telepsychiatry visit and any remaining previous balance. Alternately, you can make payment directly on our website by clicking “Bill Pay”.

7. What will happen on the Telepsychiatry Call?

First-Time Visit

If you are a new Client, your Provider will confirm a few items with you, such as your current medications and family health history. Please be ready to go through all of your current medications to verify our information.

Next, your Provider – a psychologist, therapist, or nurse practitioner, will provide you with the same level of care you would have received if you were at the clinic.

This Provider may continue as your regular provider or refer you to another provider within our group to direct and follow your care throughout the treatment of your specific needs.

Follow-Up Appointment

Your First-Time Visit Provider will determine your care plan and your follow-up appointment will be scheduled by your Provider on your first Telepsychiatry call appointment. However, if your care plan requires scheduling you to meet with another provider in our group, your Provider will notify our Customer Service Center and they will contact you to set up your follow-up appointment.

About 30 minutes before your appointment time, you will receive a Call Link Through email and cell phone for the follow-up appointment.


If you have any questions about our Telepsychiatry Services, please contact us via email or call. Thank you for allowing Harmony United Psychiatric Care to serve your specific mental health needs.

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