Telepsychiatry – Online Therapy

Online Counseling & Mental Health Services, Anywhere in Florida

Harmony United Psychiatric Care is now offering Telepsychiatry Services throughout Florida. As a Telepsychiatry Client, you can take advantage of the many benefits of Telepsychiatry Services such as:

  • Flexible, prompt scheduling.
  • Visiting with a Therapist, Psychologist, or Nurse Practitioner in real time via computer/laptop, or smart cell phone/tablet from your home or other location.
  • Increased access to therapy remotely for individuals with physical, medical, and/or mobility disabilities. 

Harmony United Psychiatric Care through its Telepsychiatry Service offers the following Client services:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medication Management
  • Psychotherapy and Counseling

Your Telepsychiatry visit will require a Computer/Laptop with a video camera and microphone, or a SmartCell Phone/Tablet. If you choose to participate in the telepsychiatry program:

  • Contact our Customer Service Center at or call us at    352-431-3940 to sign up for your telepsychiatry visit. If you are currently a client of Harmony United Psychiatric Care and have not signed a Telehealth Consent form you can find it on our website under the “For Clients” tab. Then click on the “New Patient Paperwork” button. Please complete the “Consent for Telehealth” form on-line so we may set up your Telepsychiatry visit.


  • If you are a new Client to Harmony United Psychiatric Care, we will need you to complete the New Patient Paperwork package, which includes a Consent for Telehealth form. We must have a signed Consent for Telehealth form to sign you up for a Telepsychiatry visit. It is available on our website and you can find it under the “For Clients” tab.  Click on the “New Patient Paperwork” button for the New Patient Paperwork package.

Next, we will want to confirm that your Computer/Laptop or Smart Cell Phone/Tablet is equipped with the necessary features for your Telepsychiatry visit.  A Customer Service Center representative will contact you to schedule your visit and have a ‘test’ call to assure that your device is equipped for the call.

You can also find on our website our “Client Guide for Telepsychiatry”.  Under the “For Clients” tab, click on the Patient paperwork button. Click on this Client Guide for Telepsychiatry and it will take you directly to the Guide. It will give you much more information about Telepsychiatry Services.



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